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Thai Am's Elephant Logo

The elephant is embedded in Thailand’s culture, economy, and long history. A trained army of 700 elephants was once utilized in a major battle during the 16th century in Ayutthaya, the former capital. In more modern times, kings and royals rode on elephants while hunting. Until the 1980s, elephants provided the main work force in the logging industry in Thailand until worsening monsoons resulted in the depletion of forests there.

Today, elephants in Thailand are primarily used as means of transportation for tourists in the northern mountainous regions of the country and have been trained to perform a variety of tasks such as give massages with their trunk or foot, paint, or play soccer. In addition to providing up close and personal encounters with elephants for tourists, camps in Thailand strive to share the country’s history and seek to rescue, rehabilitate, and breed them to ensure their existence for future generations. The elephant also remains a traditional symbol of royal power and is an essential feature of Buddhist art and architecture. We hope that you will have the opportunity to visit Thailand and enjoy the significance of elephants firsthand. However, if you do not find yourself so fortunate, we hope you that will better understand why we are proud to incorporate the magnificent elephant into the Thai Am logo.

Eating the Thai Way

A popular misconception about Asian cuisine is that all Asian cultures use chopsticks as their primary utensils for eating. One of the main differences you will see in Thailand is that most dishes are eaten with a spoon and a fork. The spoon is held in your dominant hand, and the fork is used to scoop food neatly and efficiently onto the spoon.

Sharing dishes is also the norm in Thai cuisine, and a center spoon is paired with each dish to serve that very purpose. While eating with chopsticks may be an excellent dieting technique for the novice user, we hope that you will try the Thai way of eating sometime, discover a new (and perhaps easier) way to enjoy your Thai cuisine, and try some

new dishes along the way!